Monday, July 21, 2014

012 Day one and day two.

Hello! ;)
To properly to motivate for a diet, I set a wallpaper on the phone with the amount of calories you should eat ;) Maybe someone is still inspire? Can someone help? ;)

Day one.
+ Carrot (like not all, but let's count the maximum number of cal) 24kal (BUT FRUIT AND VEGETABLES NOT included in the ENTIRE)
+ Dove about 120 cal
+ Pork chop in breadcrumbs 316 cal
+ Salad to steak and potato, do not count because of it's vegetables.
TOTAL: 436/400
(I heard somewhere that subtracts the number of burned caliber of the daily balance.)
+ 100kal. on orbitreku (so it transforms?)
Day Two
+ Banana (100 cal, which are not included)
+ Dove 120 cal
+ One matzah sandwich with cheese and a slice of ham (40 + 77 (although I do not want to believe that so much had kal, I checked on the internet, not on opakoaniu) +7)
+ 80 cal cheese soup
TOTAL: 324/300
RECAPITULATING (see how today squeeze on orbitreku)
Not bad ;) Minimum exceedance is a tragedy, let's not insane. Soon mykam English, so I enabled the 23's a lot of time, stressing that today I am on my feet from four o'clock. Today I had a wonderful day!
I was in the declamation contest, it is true, I could not take up any space, but rightly so. People who say there were really brilliant! For the first time, I believe that the awards were rightly awarded. ;)
Unfortunately I was not able to establish an agreement with dyrektorkom primary school, which I attended. Did not consent to the performance of my theater group. What's next? We will not give up, we look further! ;)
While today in Krakow, I joined (traditionally) to Krakow Gallery. I went to some of your favorite stores and actually the one I chose two things. Of course, I'd choose more if my budget is not limited. Yesterday I did a little shopping. All their achievements already show you soon! ;)
Ah, do not believe it! For the first time in the dressing room while I admired your tummy and even I liked it! ;)
Keep your fingers crossed for me, keep it up! , *
Papatki ;)

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