Monday, July 21, 2014

015 Saturday and Sunday.

Hey! ;)

By the end of the day it was great in terms of food, no addition to the morning breakfast.
In Krakow, shopping, looking for a bike I spent the next eight hours .. Why another one? Because it's not my first trip to the bike. But this time I chose! I bought, juhu! I already have the first ride behind him, but let's start after the other, what and how.
Photo'll add tomorrow, because today is already quite late ..
I bought the bike, but other than that nothing else did. When I got home, I was really tired so that with great reluctance I ate some liver with some potatoes and salad there (<3) and then went to bed. Such purchases can really be finishing.
Not to mention that when he chose the bike, I had to wait for him for over an hour before I got it! (Yes, many took to mount the ring, mud flaps, footrest, lighting). Frankly, I do not recommend doing such purchases or maintenance of any sports equipment at the weekend. A lot of people, and masters work does not pile up in the hands.

Today, not much more I did, actually, with my plans I made almost nothing. Hopelessness. He is currently at 23.11. It's time to go to sleep. I lay in bed longer afford, a spotless, with painted and write a note. This day gave me and a little bit of joy, and a little sense of hopelessness.
First crossed the limit as much. A whole apple pie, maybe even two whole pieces of apple pie. It can not, or rather, for sure.
Secondly, now my stomach does not satisfy me, somehow cooler was in the morning, if you know what I mean.
Thirdly weather bothers me. It has to rain. It's nothing that has to rain tomorrow, after tomorrow, but the weather is set to continue until Thursday! So the thread of my plans, which concerned the journey to school by bike (7 miles one way for a total of 14 km per day).
Let us now turn to the good side today.
40 minutes on the bike, CLASSIFIED.
ABS, Passed.
Miley Cyrus sexy legs, CLASSIFIED.
I have a feeling that tomorrow will not move his legs.
It's hard.
I can not give up. I'm going to train legs all week.
Purpose? I have a goal that I must achieve to next week, and actually on the next Sunday. I want to squeeze into a dress, without protruding belly. ;)
It is a pity that the gears in the field and / or fall off the bike until Thursday, hm ..

You do not know what chance of doing the same bruises on my legs? .. I have a problem with it, on a very large scale. For several weeks, I do the same. 7 on the right thigh, two new calf, 4 on the left .. This is insane! If you did not disappear on the calf, will not be able to wear dresses ..

I have a question about this senna. I wonder if you do not buy yourself this for the holidays. But I need a closer and some information, I'm allergic and it is quite advanced. The biggest problem is the cure. Could I bring someone with you form this herb?

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